A thought on rocking your wardrobe basics

By Natalia Albin

As much as we all enjoy to get ourselves a summer-only top and those shorts we couldn’t wait to purchase this year, basics are what really builds your wardrobe. I don’t just mean the typical white only top and skinny jeans, I mean those staples that make everything just a touch more unique but are basic enough to fit every outfit.

I’m talking about that white top with a slogan, that pocket tee with a little something extra, that cap that works equally well during the winter and that rucksack you so need to get to work or carry your laptop around in.

Basic wardrobe pieces, especially around the summer, feel almost too “bland” to wear. You might as well put that floral dress or that statement top you may or may not have bought yet. Sometimes we seem to forget simple is never uncool.


When is that slogan tee look from the 80’s really going to look out of fashion? Or that plain white pocket tee that goes with absolutely everything? Layer them with your staple leather jacket and you’re done, instantly becoming the coolest person in the room.

The effortless look you always wish you had is, incredibly, more effortless than you think. You can never go wrong with your trusted jeans, a belt and your much-loved white tee, can you?


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