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Someone Somewhere: MEXI.CLOTHING Brand Introduction

We are delighted to announce that Someone Somewhere products are now available from MEXI. Clothing.

Someone Somewhere supply high-quality authentic products produced in a unique and inspiring way. Founded in 2013 by a group of friends, they now sell their products in Mexico, the USA, and now the UK, through MEXI. Clothing.

Their brand originally started as a platform for the talents of some of the 7 million artisan producers living in Mexico. These artisans, despite possessing unique design and craft talents, largely live in poor conditions. Someone Somewhere combine their traditional techniques with the best designs and materials in order to create “inspiring but functional products”. They possess both a blend of fine handmade patterns and robust manufactured elements. This ensures they are as tough in the country as they are stylish in the city.

Today they work with over 150 artisans in the poorest 6 states of Mexico. By working with Someone Somewhere, these artisans get a fair wage for their work (50% more than in local markets). This helps develop and strengthen the communities where they live, and also ensures the preservation of their historic cultures and production techniques.

As Someone Somewhere introduce new collections several times per year, once their designs are gone, they’re gone for good.

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