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5 Style Spots in Mexico City

Last updated November 2020

Mexico City is a diverse, dense, and thriving metropolis in the centre of the country of Mexico. It’s also the city that provided the inspiration for MEXI. Clothing and much of what we do here. We’ve chosen 5 of our favourite style spots in the city to visit, eat or just hang out.

Cafebrería El Pendulo

Although it’s a chain, Cafebrería El Pendulo is such a well-executed concept that it has to be mentioned here. “Cafebrería” is a combination of cafe and librería, which means bookshop. As you can see from the pictures, this produces elegant results. The book selection is large and high quality, but it’s the cafes that help them stand out. As loved by pensioners as by hipsters, the breakfasts are excellent, service is friendly, and prices are reasonable. There’s also just something about brunch and books that attracts a particularly cool clientele. If you’re into writing or reading, it makes a great place to spend time.

El Pendulo Condesa is located in the same block as the famous El Plaza Condesa music venue, which has hosted the likes of Hozier, CHVRCHES, Alt-J and The Vaccines in recent years.

Interior of cafebreria el pendulo

Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México

The Gran Hotel has made two appearances in James Bond films - Spectre’s opening sequence in 2015 and previously featuring in Licence to Kill. Inside, Art Nouveau décor and the giant stained glass ceiling dominate the scene. The interior is tasteful including a charming cage-style lift. The old-fashioned lift provides a view of the whole interior on it’s way up to the roof terrace on the top floor.

The roof terrace offers a perfect outlook over the Zócalo (a square large enough to take your breath away at first sight). In front of you is the plaza, complete with an enormous Mexican flag. Opposite you, a full 240 metres away, is the expansive Palacio Nacional, the home of several of Mexico’s governing institutions.

Domed roof at the gran hotel de la ciudad de Mexico

Limantour Polanco

Limantour Polanco is the place to be seen. You get a sense of that just by walking past. The clientele are outstandingly well-dressed and each is, seemingly, an indistinct age between 20 and 40. The cocktail menu offers both classic and unconventional combinations using fine quality spirits. The interior is a clean and simple Art Deco style which complements the atmosphere of the venue.

Located on the curiously named “Oscar Wilde” street in the upmarket district of Polanco, Limantour is widely recognised as one of the city’s best bars.

People sitting at Limantour Polanco Mexico City

La Teatrería

La Teatrería, located in the heart of the Roma district of Mexico City, has become a destination for aspirational cultural connoisseurs. Stand-up and simple theatre productions draw in the crowds to this wonderfully decked out building. The exterior is clad with corrugated iron and yellow neon lettering. The interior is characterised by dark woods and metals from floor to ceiling in the venue’s cafe, bar and restaurant. These have also become an attraction in their own right for those wanting fancy lunch and drink options.

La Teatreria neon sign

La Roma Records

Just around the corner from La Teatrería is Roma Records. Worth a mention here for the fact that the customers and staff at this shop are almost identical to those at record stores in the UK. The atmosphere is also remarkably similar. The music is loud, record sleeves adorn the walls, and slightly disinterested looking twenty-somethings lurk behind the counter. Easy to miss, but worth a look for those with a passion for vinyl.

Roma Records shop front


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