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My everyday look - Fraser, founder of MEXI.CLOTHING


Everyday look

This is what I wear on average day. I work from home, so there’s no distinction for me between the clothes I wear during the week and at the weekend.

It’s an ideal look for my day to day life, as it can be casual most of the time, but be "dressed up" if necessary. For me, that means pairing it with a hoodie at home for warmth, and a snapback or bomber jacket when out and about. Most of the time, at my flat, I’m looking to be comfortable and wear something I can easily feel good in.

Let’s look at each item individually.

The socks: 33 Limited Edition

I love the patterned multi-colour effect on these. The colours would not always go together but seem to work really well with the dark navy main fabric on the sock. The pattern is visible when wearing shoes, more so when wearing low shoes like Vans or Converse, which are what I wear most days.

They also work with more formal shoes too, as the pattern won’t be visible when wearing desert boots, for example. I tend to wear desert boots for my meetings or more formal occasions.

The watch: 33 Time Machine

The watch epitomises the ability of the outfit to work in formal or informal settings. The watch can be switched between blue and green fabric as well as a brown leather strap. I like to match the colour with what I’m wearing, so green or blue works well for everyday. The combination of the relatively casual fabric straps with the smart stainless steel case and clear face means it suits formal and informal looks.

I can keep it on all day - from working at my flat to going out for drinks in the evening.

The t-shirt: Someone Somewhere Roni stitched pocket tee

Someone Somewhere have been producing clothing for nearly 4 years, with the pocket tee as their signature item. I love the soft crisp white cotton for everyday wear. The pocket is distinctive and a real work of art. Each one is hand-crafted by Mexican artisans (whose name is featured inside the neck of the shirt).

The colour of the pocket really stands out and draws people in to the detailing. A few years ago, there were a lot of pocket tees around in high-street stores, but none that I’ve seen draw attention like this one.

The jeans: Topman Selvedge Denim

I tend to wear skinny jeans, and these are very much “skinny” rather than “skin-tight”. The colour is a distinctive dark navy and the jeans feature bronze-coloured buttons holding down the pockets. The fabric is relatively heavy, meaning it copes well with the cold in the winter or spring mornings.

For a more casual look, I combine this with my Nike SB trainers and a Someone Somewhere snapback.

For a smarter look - I wear a classic faux-leather bomber jacket, plain black Vans, or black desert boots.

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