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Treinta y Tres (33) Contemporary Menswear

Treinta y Tres is a modern menswear brand based in Mexico City. Founded in 2013 by 3 friends, they have developed something of a reputation in Mexico as a destination for the sophisticated gentleman looking to stand out from the crowd.


The team are based in stylish office within a traditional leafy Mexico City street. Being located in the upmarket Roma Norte, close to hipster-filled Condesa suits a brand which is light-hearted and yet sophisticated. 

The team also love adventures outside the city. Their motto is "push the boundaries." As a result, the crew are just as likely to be found wearing their brightly coloured socks in mountains or jungles as they are in Mexico City's coolest coffee bars.

Their socks have patterns which will keep you looking cool in any situation. They've already won many admirers here in the UK since we began selling them in November.  

The skinny ties are 100% wool and have a high-quality woven texture - distinctive and fashionable, yet always refined.

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