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A Week In Mexico: Part 1


Mexico City is one of the biggest in the world. It’s almost overwhelming how much there is to see and do, and sticking to purely touristic sights feels like a loss.

So your co-founders have decided to compile a list of spots and dividing it by day to make it a little (or a lot) easier for you and maybe convince you to actually go to Mexico City! There’s so much to do in the city, these are just our personal recommendations!

Day 1: Explore Central Mexico

First thing’s first, the Historic Center of Mexico City, the oldest part of the city. Some of the most majestic buildings are in this area. Every street you walk down has a little jewel of a building, some dating back to 1522. The main thing about the Historic Center is walking around the main areas, you’ll find the daintiest book shops, the weirdest antiques and the coolest markets.

Where to visit:

Palacio de Bellas Artes: even if you just walk into the lobby; it’s absolutely worth it.

Viewing-point Torre Latinoamericana: once the tallest building of the city, it’s got one of the best viewing points in the city; right in the middle. Plus, there’s some really cool retro merch-shirts if you’re looking for a souvenir.

Zócalo: it’s impossible to go to central and not walk around the Zócalo. A massive square surrounded by some of the most historic buildings.

Monumento de la Revolución: impressive in and of itself, you can take the glass lift to the top of the monument and get a wonderful view of the outside and marvel at the interior architecture.

Where to eat:

El Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México: right next to the main Zócalo, this hotel is gorgeous, if you can grab dinner at their terrace, do it! It was even featured in James Bond film Spectre (if you’re into that sort of thing)

Café de Tacuba: everything you order is good, from their mains to their desserts and especially their hot chocolate!

Mercado Independencia: in the middle of the busy, lively streets, you can find Mercado Independencia, a little hipster market you could find in central London (just way cheaper and with Mexican food!). Service and cocktails are wonderful!

Where to shop:

Downtown Hotel: not only is there a wonderful restaurant inside, but it’s also the location of a lovely little market with really amazing Mexican shops.

Barrio Alameda: a small shopping centre full of very authentic brands and sometimes home to great hipster markets.

Day 2: Marvel at Reforma and Colonia Juárez

Reforma is one of the most important avenues in Mexico City so it makes sense there’s a lot to see around there. From museums to shopping centres to little bars along the side-streets, it’s definitely an avenue where you’ll find everything you could want.




Where to visit:

Museo Nacional de Antropología: considered one of the most beautiful museums in the city, you will find all sorts of interesting old artefacts in here, including some amazing ancient ruins from Mexico.

Museo Tamayo: if contemporary art is your thing, this is a gorgeous museum to visit. You can even exit through a park and look at some sculptures outside.

Museo de Arte Moderno: it always has wonderful temporary exhibits, but it’s worth it to go just for their permanent ones. Take a look at some incredible paintings by mexican artists.

The walk outside the museum area: walk along Reforma. There’s normally interesting art showcased on the sidestreets and it’s one of the most lively streets in the city: from bankers to street vendors, you will see everything.

It’s a long walk, but go all the way to the Angel of Independence for the full experience.



Where to eat and drink:

Café Nin: this lovely café and breakfast spot in Juárez is so charming there’s normally a waiting list (which gives you some time to explore the area around!), and it’s worth it. It’s got some interesting breakfasts if you feel adventurous, or some run of the mill coffee and freshly baked pastries.

Los Canarios: one of the most traditionally known restaurants in Mexico. If you feel like hearty, filling Mexican food, this is your place!

Street food outside the museums: if you’re craving a snack, don’t hesitate to try some of the street food right outside each museum. Thousands of tourists stop by to eat some every day - don’t worry! Personal recommendations being esquites and chicharrones.

Xaman Bar: a hidden gem on a side street of The Angel of Independence, this bar is deceptive on the outside (you’ll feel like you’re walking into a private parking lot), but incredibly interesting on the inside. Filled with delightful smells and chilled music, Xaman offers some incredible cocktail mixes in unusual glasses - you’ll always want to come back here.

Tokyo Music Bar: to the other side of the Angel of Independence, you will find Tokyo Music Bar, a new bar full of the most incredible interior design (yes, green walls and pink and gold chairs) with interesting cocktails and crazy beer. You need make a reservation in order to go.

Where to shop:

La Metropolitana: a designer boutique based on graphic design, interior design and architecture.

Bazaar Fusión: walk into this old house to find various boutique spots with every kind of thing you could want: from interior design and clothes to independent Mezcal brands.

Loose Blues: this boutique is inspired by Japanese fashion and offers imported clothes, accessories, magazines, art and CDs.

Day 3: Condesa and Roma


Condesa and Roma have a special place in our hearts. Not only because we always go, but because the area was one of our main inspirations for MEXI. Clothing. It’s become one of the young creative hubs in the city, full of artists, galleries and people dressed in the latest fashion trends.

Where to visit:

Parque México: street food snacks and art deco constructions find their home in Parque México. The surrounding areas include concert venues and gorgeous little cafés. If you’re here in the spring, you’ll appreciate how it’s sprinkled with purple flowers from the trees above.

Parque España: fancy seeing a thousand dogs per minute? This is your place. You’ll find people reading on the benches, couples taking pictures and having a date, and at least 10 dog walkers.

Calle Colima: this is probably our favourite street in all of this area, and that’s saying something! It’s full with architectural gems and tiny, hidden boutiques.

Fuente Cibeles: when you start to feel slightly hungry or thirsty for something other than water, this place is heaven. Tons of bars and restaurants surround it, ready for a snack or a drink - or even some clubbing -, this place is at the very heart of Condesa and Roma.

Where to eat and drink:

La Teatrería: with some of the best independent plays happening in its various rooms, La Teatrería also offers a beautifully modern bar and restaurant.

Ojo de Agua: our personal favourite for a hearty and healthy breakfast. Eggs, sandwiches, juice, flavoured water and smoothies? Yes, please. You’ll feel like you’re in a bit of a market, as well, surrounded by fruit in boxes -which also serves to prove everything you’re served is fully fresh-.

El Péndulo: shop for books and gifts and have a delicious coffee while you read at El Péndulo. The one in Roma (Av. Álvaro Obregón) is one of the most beautiful in the city.

Blend Station: surround yourself with the freelancer lifestyle in this coffee shop with quirky seats and fresh-brew coffee.

Mercado Roma: a stylish market full of different kinds of high-end street food. From hearty burgers to light salads and great Mexican desserts.

Roxy: since 1946, this has been a staple ice cream shop in Condesa. Step back in time with their interior decoration that dates back to when they first opened! Their ice cream is definitely very tried and tested and it shows.

Casa Visconti: if you feel like less traditional ice cream flavours, Casa Visconti is your spot. Cheesecake, apple and mandarin are just some of the exotic flavours you’ll find here (it helps their interior is pink as well, not going to lie).

Balmori rooftop: a bar and restaurant on top of a building in Roma Norte, their gin skills are amazing and they’ve got some special cocktails too!

Mama Rumba: feel like a dance? Mama Rumba is there for exactly that. Honestly, it’s fun to just sit and watch people dancing salsa with a nice mojito in hand.


Where to shop:

Casa Quinto Elemento: on a big street that doesn’t look like it can offer a lot of boutique shopping, you’ll find Casa Quinto Elemento, a two-floor café and shop with over 60 Mexican brands. It also offers a bike selling and fixing service that, even if you don’t need one, is highly entertaining to watch.

La Roma Records: one of the most classic record shops in Mexico City, with its sticker-filled entrance, feels like a genuine place to meet artsy musicians (Mexico’s version of Rough Trade, if you will).  

Happening Store: national design and fashion has found its home in this boutique. From interior design pieces to cool t-shirts, this is definitely one of the places to visit if you want a taste of Mexican fashion.

180°:  this boutique has the very necessary goal of developing a creative and sustainable fashion industry in Mexico.

Someone Somewhere: we couldn’t go without mentioning their shop, could we? You’ve seen them on our website, but go and take a look at their cabin shop in Roma for all their latest designs!

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