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What is Modern Mexican Fashion?

What is Modern Mexican Fashion? It guides what MEXI.Clothing is and what we try to find in our brands. So here it is, what we mean with those three words. 

Traditional Mexican fashion comes from ancient times. Before being conquered by the Spanish, Mexico already had a culture that prided itself on its dress-sense. With intricate patterns and inherited techniques, people worked hard on their garments. Vibrant colours were originally extracted from local plants and flowers. They have always had special significance, such as which community the people came from or the representation of their Gods. 

When the Europeans came, so did their influences. Boots, suits and formal shirts became everyday attire. Colours, though, were never left behind; the only thing that changed was that artisans began using acrylic paint brought from the other side of the ocean. That was the first of changes into a more globalised sense of fashion.

Globalisation’s effects on Mexican fashion have become more prominent and traditional clothing from pre-colonial times has almost disappeared. But, has it really? Its legacy is everywhere. Mexico’s new clothing brands, designed by young people, incorporate the colour, technique and artisan patterns of the past. That’s what makes Mexican fashion unique; the intricate combination of Mexican tradition and the global trends from places like Europe and the United States.

The fusion between modern-globalised and traditional Mexican designs is what we call Mexican fashion. The designs are fit for the world but never lose sight of where they come from.

someone somewhere artisan writing on t-shirt

Women wearing traditional Mexican pink dresses

Mexican artisan smiling

Blue and red socks

white Someone Somewhere t-shirt with green pocket

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