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Notes on a Different Valentine's Day

If you’re anything like us, Valentine’s Day is normally just like any other day – maybe, if you’re feeling kind, there are some flowers or a wine involved, but there are no expectations or fancy dinner reservations. It almost feels like the idea of an overly romantic, expensive Valentine’s Day comes from marketing newsletters and Instagram adverts.

But this year feels different. With long lockdowns, gloomy days and news that seems to take two steps into darkness before taking one into the light, it feels like a nice day is overdue. An excuse to do something different, if you will.

Whether you live with your partner and you’ve survived (or even thrived) in the last year of 24/7 togetherness or your flatmates have become your best friends, or even if you live by yourself and have only kept going thanks to that one friend over Zoom and long once-a-day walks together… it seems right to give them a celebration.

We’ve put together a little list of notes on nice presents (both from small shops and DIY) that will make someone’s day just a little bit brighter, and we all need a bit of that.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful excuse to find something new to cook. There's something so special about finding a decadent-looking recipe, putting some music on and drinking a glass of wine as you cook it. Making it an activity with the person you'll share it with makes it taste all the better. 

Gloomy skies doesn't have to mean grey and dull socks. With most meetings happening through a screen, we might as well wear what makes us happy at the bottom, right? Some colourful socks to add a bit of light to the day seems only fair. 

Guacamole (£7.99), Palm Socks (£7.99), Las Marias in Blue (£7.99). All at 3 for 2.

Okay, not all of us love the idea of cooking a massive meal. But in the spirit of a good meal in, make it the best one there is. These are some of our favourite places bringing restaurant-quality food to you. 
How many love notes have been written next to jewellery in history, we wonder? Well, we like to believe there is a reason for that. It's literally a trinket of appreciation, and one you can keep forever. There is nothing quite like wearing gifted earrings and feeling a little bit more special.
There's so much to be said about an intentional film night - we've all been stuck watching Netflix... so make it an occassion. Be it a film you love or one you've never seen before, it's lovely to have a set up that reminds us of the old days when we could sit in cinemas. There's some wonderful places to check if you've run out of films to watch on Netflix as well (BFI Player and Mubi are two of our favourites for romantic classics). 


Cenote on Mubi, build a Mexican snack box with MexicanMama or get a graze box from Berry and Brie


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