PRESS RELEASE - Mexican Fashion Retailer Announces Latest Collaborations

Modern Mexican fashion retailer MEXI. Clothing has unveiled two very different new collaborations to expand its offering for Summer 2020 and beyond. The brand, founded in 2016, spent time in Camden Market in 2017, and has since partnered with restaurant and Euston mainstay Mestizo and their Mexican Market retail store. 

Now, MEXI. Clothing takes on two new partnerships with Noma, a socks brand, and Shokuni, a brand of handmade bags and baskets. These collaborations continue their commitment to bringing diverse, vibrant and sustainable fashion designed in Mexico to the European market. 

Noma design and manufacture distinctive and high quality socks in Mexico, and have collaborated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Jameson Whisky and Hasbro. It is a brand committed to supporting Mexican artists and companies through their manufacturing schemes. 

Shokuni supply artisan-made bags from Oaxaca and Veracruz - regions characterised by their colours, culture, and aesthetics. Each design is made according to its context, materials, and artisan; this is what makes every product special, exclusive and one of a kind.

MEXI. Clothing Co-Founder Fraser Bell commented “Noma and Shokuni epitomise modern Mexican fashion. They’re both distinctive, ethically made and couldn’t have been created anywhere else in the world.” 

About MEXI. Clothing

MEXI. Clothing was founded in 2016 by then UK-Mexico long distance couple Fraser Bell and Natalia Albin after Fraser was struck by Mexico City’s talented artists. The brand is based in London and runs as an ecommerce business from They stock diverse and clearly curated products, from vibrant socks to hand sewn pocket tees, caps and bags. 

More about MEXI. Clothing:

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