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Culture Talk: Mario Rubio, Ancient Mexico Meets Streetwear

When Mario Rubio decided to move to London seven years ago, he was looking for adventures, a mission he's kept to the entire time. Before the pandemic, Mario and his wife, Carol, started a travel business - Brica Travel - giving tours around Mexico. When lockdown hit, he found his adventures where a lot of us did: in inner creativitiy. Cosmic Fangs, his sustainable streetwear brand, was born.  We talked to him about his process, being a new digital nomad, and missing the inventiveness of Mexican people.  THE INTERVIEW: How would you describe your process when creating the artwork for Cosmic Fangs? In short, it's a bit chaotic. It varies from time to time, but usually, when I have admin tasks to...

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A thought on rocking your wardrobe basics

By Natalia Albin As much as we all enjoy to get ourselves a summer-only top and those shorts we couldn’t wait to purchase this year, basics are what really builds your wardrobe. I don’t just mean the typical white only top and skinny jeans, I mean those staples that make everything just a touch more unique but are basic enough to fit every outfit. I’m talking about that white top with a slogan, that pocket tee with a little something extra, that cap that works equally well during the winter and that rucksack you so need to get to work or carry your laptop around in.Basic wardrobe pieces, especially around the summer, feel almost too “bland” to wear. You might...

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