The story of a new clothing brand: MEXI. Clothing – MEXI Clothing


The story of a new clothing brand: MEXI. Clothing

How and why we started MEXI.CLOTHING:

My name is Fraser and I'm the founder of MEXI.CLOTHING. In this article, my first, I’m going to talk about how and why I started the brand. 

In June 2015 I took my first trip to Mexico, to visit my girlfriend, Natalia. Upon arrival in Mexico City, I was struck by its sheer diversity. The sprawling 20.4 million inhabitant metropolis has a mixture of wealth, culture, architecture and landscapes like nowhere else on the planet. It’s an incredible cultural melting pot, combining what we in Europe might consider “American” consumerism with “Latin” and “Hispanic” linguistic and religious tradition. 

Mexico City has numerous style hotspots. Indeed there are articles which compare some areas to New York.

Being from London, areas such as La Condesa and La Roma remind me of Shoreditch (area in East London which takes its cues from NYC). It’s hard to get served a cold drink without it coming in a jam jar. Freelancers, designers, artists and foreign visitors often base themselves here. Polanco, further West, has the typical selection of high-end stores found in London’s Mayfair — Prada, Gucci and the like. Well-groomed families dine out here and take equally well-groomed dogs out to stretch their legs. 

MEXI.CLOTHING was first conceived in late 2015 when Natalia bought me a t-shirt designed in Mexico. I thought that these designs would work well in the UK and Europe. It was then that I began to investigate importing them here. We really wanted to share them with people in the UK and promote Mexican design to a new market.

Our branding was first brainstormed in March of this year by Natalia. It was put on hold for several months until I took another trip to Mexico, which on this occasion included a week-long trip to San Miguel de Allende. It was during this period that the concepts and logos were finalised and we produced our initial designs for the website. 

Then Natalia and I spoke to our suppliers and had the first conversations about our project and how we could help them gain exposure in the UK. We currently have deals with 3 brands and can’t wait to share them with you!

Whilst I can’t reveal the exact product range just yet, I can say a few things:

  • We’ll stock womenswear, menswear and accessories
  • We’ll have ethically produced and handmade items
  • Our products are aimed primarily at young people, and so our prices will reflect that.

Update 19/11/16: We've launched! Click here.

Girl in front of street art with balloon

Mexico City street

Mexico City Street with grafiti

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