The Summer Playlist: Vibras De Verano – MEXI Clothing


The Summer Playlist: Vibras De Verano

Waking up to the sounds of waves, taking a dip in the pool in the morning before going out to walk on the beach (or do a bit of surfing, whatever floats your boat), lie down in the sun with some coconut dipped in chili sauce ready for piña coladas and margaritas in the evening. 

We know. It sounds like a summer dream straight out of a Mexican beach. While we can't all do that just now, we can definitely listen to the music that goes along with it. We've created a playlist to get you closer to your dreams, with the ultimate summer vibes playlist. 

From us to you, enjoy our Vibras de Verano / Summer Vibes playlist:


Warning: contains reggaeton that may make you want to dance and/or miss being on holiday.

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