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Culture Talk: Alejandra Castañeda, Creating a Better World Through Art

Having grown up around archeological sites, small towns and museums, Alejandra always knew she wanted to work with artistry. Particularly if that art had anything to do with Mexico's indigenous communities, having seen them when accompanying her mother to restoration works.  Her artistic spirit never waned, and when she moved to the UK, she knew it was time to do something about her childhood dream. Meshiko is the result. Alejandra works directly with artisan communities to take their ancient techniques, from weaving to colouring fabric, and turn them into beautiful, contemporary pieces. We caught up with her about what Meshiko means to her, where her passion started and the fear of uprooting your life.  How would you describe Meshiko and...

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Culture Talk: Mario Rubio, Ancient Mexico Meets Streetwear

When Mario Rubio decided to move to London seven years ago, he was looking for adventures, a mission he's kept to the entire time. Before the pandemic, Mario and his wife, Carol, started a travel business - Brica Travel - giving tours around Mexico. When lockdown hit, he found his adventures where a lot of us did: in inner creativitiy. Cosmic Fangs, his sustainable streetwear brand, was born.  We talked to him about his process, being a new digital nomad, and missing the inventiveness of Mexican people.  THE INTERVIEW: How would you describe your process when creating the artwork for Cosmic Fangs? In short, it's a bit chaotic. It varies from time to time, but usually, when I have admin tasks to...

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Notes on a Different Valentine's Day

If you’re anything like us, Valentine’s Day is normally just like any other day – maybe, if you’re feeling kind, there are some flowers or a wine involved, but there are no expectations or fancy dinner reservations. It almost feels like the idea of an overly romantic, expensive Valentine’s Day comes from marketing newsletters and Instagram adverts. But this year feels different. With long lockdowns, gloomy days and news that seems to take two steps into darkness before taking one into the light, it feels like a nice day is overdue. An excuse to do something different, if you will. Whether you live with your partner and you’ve survived (or even thrived) in the last year of 24/7 togetherness or...

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Culture Talk: Montserrat A. Alonso, the Girl With the Handmade Earring

When Montserrat A. Alonso moved to London in 2016, she already knew that she had a future in fashion. The intricate way in which fashion represents our own identity doesn't escape her, probably a result of growing up in a country where culture, identity and clothing are endlessly entwined.  We spoke to Montserrat about Maalo, her jewellery brand, falling in love with London, her favourite ways to bring a little bit of Mexico to her home, and the desire to be on a Mexico beach with a Mezcal in hand (which we can definitely relate to).        THE INTERVIEW: How would you describe what you do with Maalo? I’ve always loved jewellery, not just because it’s connected to fashion and...

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