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MEXI.CLOTHING is 1! We launched a year ago on November 18th, 2016.Thank you to everyone who has supported the brand in any way since our launch. We really appreciate every like on facebook, follow on instagram and all the feedback and help we have received!

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5 Things Mexicans Actually Do On Independence Day

By Natalia Albin It took 11 years of war for Mexico to gain its Independence. It all started on September 16th (no, it wasn’t 5 de Mayo), when a not-so-regular priest yelled the famous Grito de Dolores - Cry of Dolores - in Dolores, Hidalgo. Nobody really knows what he said, just a lot of “Viva México!” and potentially something terrible about the Spanish government.Don’t worry, this blog post is not meant to be a history lesson. What we actually want to do is tell you about how Mexicans celebrate.Independence Day is one of those days we plan for months. It’s June and the question already looms, “What’s the plan for September 15th?” Side note: because the Cry of Dolores...

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A thought on rocking your wardrobe basics

By Natalia Albin As much as we all enjoy to get ourselves a summer-only top and those shorts we couldn’t wait to purchase this year, basics are what really builds your wardrobe. I don’t just mean the typical white only top and skinny jeans, I mean those staples that make everything just a touch more unique but are basic enough to fit every outfit. I’m talking about that white top with a slogan, that pocket tee with a little something extra, that cap that works equally well during the winter and that rucksack you so need to get to work or carry your laptop around in.Basic wardrobe pieces, especially around the summer, feel almost too “bland” to wear. You might...

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The idea to build our own range of products was born at the same time as the idea for MEXI.CLOTHING. Sitting in a gallery in the gorgeous town of San Miguel de Allende, Fraser and I started pushing ideas for designs back and forth – funnily enough, we were surrounded by cactuses.At that point, though, we didn’t feel like we knew enough about fashion to do it. So we started with what we knew and loved: meeting brands in Mexico that make things we like. Now, a year later and after six months in the making, we are bringing out our own collection: Mexi by MEXI.CLOTHING.This January we decided we were ready and began pitching designs again. Jack, Fraser and...

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