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Mental Health Series: Psychiatry and Stigma with Shannon Hilton

In our second week of the Mental Health Series, we talk to psychiatry trainee Shannon Hilton about what it’s really like to work in psychiatry and treat patients with mental illnesses. We delve into stigma, the work psychiatry is doing for patients today and its history. Shannon went to medical school at the University of Southampton, where she completed a BMedSci research project on the use of ibuprofen in anxiety. She completed her basic medical training in East London before starting as a psychiatry trainee in 2019 at the world renowned Maudsley Hospital Trust. She’s worked as an autism specialist in a secondary school, has experience in older and working age adults mental health, community psychiatry and currently works at...

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Mental Health Series: The Importance of Therapy with Amaya Albin

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re bringing you a mini-series on mental health, where we will interview different experts about different mental health issues. Our first guest is psychoanalyst Amaya Albin. She did a degree in psychology, followed by a course in Art Psychotherapy, then a masters degree in psychoanalysis at Dimension Psicoanalítica, a prestigious psychoanalysis post grad school in Mexico City. She has worked as a school psychologist, a therapeutic companion and as a human resources manager in an international firm.

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The Race to Win Streaming

Streaming is the new normal for television production and with that comes new competition. From Netflix to Disney+, from HBO to Apple TV and now the new kid in town, Quibi... what does this competition mean in terms of content and viewing habits? Is it time for a new type of streaming or did Quibi get ahead of itself? We delve into this and other questions in this week's episode.

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