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The Tale of Meghan and Harry

Let's chat about Meghan and Harry! What brought them to make the decision to step back from being senior royals? What does it actually mean and what are they going to do next? It's one of the most talked about stories of the week and given this podcast started when talking about their wedding, this seemed very fitting to discuss.

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Best of the Decade

Happy New Year! From films and tv to music and books, what have been some of the best cultural productions of 2010-2019? Let's chat about some of the lists compiling the crème de la crème and most influential creative productions.

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Joker and its Controversies

Let's chat about Joker! The new-ish Todd Philipps film tells the story of how the iconic Batman villan came to be who he is. We talk about the controversy it sparked, it's messaging and generally how we felt about it.

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Is Greta Thunberg the voice of a generation?

Let’s have a catch up! A lot has happened since our last episode, join us as we get up to date. We also have a chat about Greta Thunberg, who she is, her impact and whether or not she is the voice of the younger generation.

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