Cheap Taste is a Mexican streetwear jewellery brand. Its cool jewellery and accessories are designed and hand-crafted by two London-based Mexican fashion designers. 

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Cheap Taste flamingo design.

Cheap Taste started as a DIY project that wanted original and unusual products that would make anyone look cool. After its success among friends, the designers decided to expand the business by creating hand-made accessories out of recycled materials such as textiles, aluminium, and plastic - that were once considered waste.  

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"Cool basics with a kitsch vibe" is the brand's motto and it shows on every detail found on the quirky pieces, from the clasps to the packaging.  All items are one of a kind, so whoever gets to wear it is special.

The collection "Inside a Redneck's Trailer", is inspired by aspects of North American culture. This includes things found on Route 66, such as flamingos and neon motel signs, as well as elements used by the people that frequent those places like guns and bourbon bottles.

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