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blue leather bag with gold zips and chain, with artisan mexican woven textile
small brown leather handbag with gold zips and woven mexican textile
diamond mexican artisan woven pattern handbag with gold chain and brown leather strap
green and black leather shoulder bag with woven textile and leather strap
green artisan handbag with mexican diamond pattern, gold chain and leather straps
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Meshiko Crossbody Small Leather Handbag

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In our leather handbags, each textile piece is created from hand-dyed threads using natural dyes. The patterns and weaving techniques used are unique to the indigenous artisans who have shared their skills from generation to generation. Most importantly, each handbag’s piece is an expression of their culture, which is full of meanings and feelings.

Our leather handbags have natural characteristics and qualities that should not be considered damage because they do not interfere with the functionality of the bag.

Care Recommendations
This piece has been treated with a high-quality fabric protection spray that prevents stains and repels liquids. We recommend re-applying a new protection treatment every 6 months to keep your artisanal textile in good shape

You should use a leather conditioner, we advise doing a test spot on the leather before applying a conditioner or treatment to the entire bag.


Leather handbag with handcrafted textile crossbody model with chain strap.

Exterior detail with a handcrafted textile made in Oaxaca, Mexico with a pedal loom.

Outside 2 pockets with a metal zipper

Width 21 cm / Height 16 cm / Depth 1.5 cm

About Meshiko

Meshiko was born from the experience of designing and producing handmade bags in conjunction with indigenous mothers in Mexico. Creating for them is a mixture of tradition, love and meaning when they produce something creates not just beauty, but feelings. The path that you travel when you design with artisans is much slower, there are no industrial processes as it requires the work of a single human being.