Fancy Socks by 33

Fancy Socks by 33


33's Fancy socks are classically styled with a modern touch, making them stand out from the crowd.

33 (Treinta y Tres) searched all over the world for the softest fabrics so your feet can be thankful after a long day of walking, working or just chilling on the couch on a rainy day.

Plus, you can be certain that they will stay put all day long thanks to their resistant elastane.

So comfy you won’t even remember you have them on.

We know you’ll love your order. How?

  • The 1st person to order 33’s socks said “These socks are fantastic.”
  • Our 2nd customer said they were “Great.”
  • And the 3rd….ordered 10 more pairs two weeks later!

One size - fits men's sizes 8-13. Ready for immediate dispatch.

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33 make distinctive, fashionable, and refined gentlemen's clothing and accessories.

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