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Six brands. All unique, all Mexican designed.


The idea for Paash was born in 2016 when Mafer, the founder, visited India. She fell in love with the merging of artisan techniques and meditation. Back in Mexico she re-connected with an old friend, Fer, and together they created Paash.

Paash products are designed with healthy energy and  chakra philosophy in mind. While searching for the purpose of the brand, they decided they wanted it to have an impact in their society. Their artisans are under-represented people in Mexico City - from men and women in prison to house workers - being paid fair wages from the products they create.

Blue embroidered leather bag hanging by strap from colourful fence
Someone Somewhere mens cap

Born from the desire to create timeless, wearable jewellery for every occasion, Maalo was established by Mexican designer Montserrat A. Alonso in 2019.

Each design balances the contemporary, inspired by nature, with vibrant colours, inspired by Mexico. All pieces are designed in London and made by herself or a small team of artisans in her hometown.

All pieces are handmade using high quality ethically-sourced materials in order to produce pieces that last forever and have minimal impact on our planet. 


Meshiko is a true business with a social purpose. They carry a selection of handmade products created by indigenous communities in Mexico.

The bags in our collection are created directly by five different artisan cooperatives, from families to feminist groups, which means their art is paid fairly and each artisan works on their own terms. The process allows them to enhance their creativity and still have time to be with their families. 

Blue embroidered leather bag hanging by strap from colourful fence
Someone Somewhere mens cap

Someone Somewhere make t-shirts, caps, sacks and backpacks in a unique and inspiring way, working with over 150 artisans in Mexico's six poorest states.

Artisans get a fair wage for their work and it all helps develop and strengthen their communities.

By wearing Someone Somewhere, you help ensure the preservation of their historic cultures and production techniques.


Cosmic Fangs is an independent, sustainable fashion brand based in the UK. They offer clothing made with eco-friendly materials, that are super comfortable and featuring cool graphics.

The brand is inspired by illustration, street art, music, comics and ancient Mexico, particularly its people's view on being in balance with the universe.

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Shokuni is a brand of handmade, artisan products created from recycled materials such as straw and Toquilla.

The products are handmade by artisans in Oaxaca, bringing their work to international attention without exploiting the designs or the designers.


Treinta y Tres (33) is a contemporary menswear brand based in Mexico City. It was founded by three friends in 2013.

Inspired by the Condesa and Roma Norte area of Mexico City.

Created for those who wake up in the morning and find themselves looking for something distinctive, fashionable, and refined.

Blue palm tree mens socks on a shady background
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Noma is a brand of socks committed to supporting Mexican artists, movements and companies.

Their mission is to preserve
Mexican design and promote products that are made in Mexico with international quality.

Their commitment lies with Mexican families and communities, meaning their factory is based on dignified and just work and the socks are created with sustainable materials. 


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All our brands encompass Mexican design and tradition. They are the perfect combination between traditional Mexico and the modern world.

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We make sure our curated brands all engange in ethical production. This entails being conscious of the planet and their workers. 

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The products offered by each brand are of the highest quality and durable materials, tried and tested by the MEXI. Clothing team.