Our Ethics and Sustainability Statement – MEXI Clothing


Our Ethics and Sustainability Statement

MEXI. Clothing collects and curates Mexican brands to widen their reach into the UK and Europe. In that sense, there is a responsibility to choose brands that are committed to social and environmental causes. The fashion industry, as is well known, is the world’s second largest polluter. Not only that, it is also one of the industries with the most human rights issues, particularly when it comes to fast fashion.

When deciding to be a part of the industry, the purpose of MEXI. Clothing was not only to challenge statistics, but also to create a sustainable alternative based not on consumerism, but on quality, lasting products that are also affordable and in reach to people who would likely turn to fast fashion otherwise.

Ethics Break-Down by Brand


Someone Somewhere is a brand that works with artisans in the poorest states of Mexico. Out of one million artisans living in Mexico, 54.5% are poor and 17.7% are in extreme poverty. Someone Somewhere works to pay fair wages for their work, creating unique designs alongside them.

Their mission is contributing to the wellbeing of artisan communities in Mexico, generating work opportunities that are fair and constant. Futhermore, they promote the perservation of their artisanal traditions through perdurable goods.

Someone Somewhere is a certified B corporation, balancing purpose and profit. This means they are liable for considering the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. They work with over 200 artisans, 93% of them are women, and they have increased their income by over 36%.


Noma Socks is a brand commited to supporting Mexican artists, movements and companies. Their mission is to preserve Mexican design and promote products that are made in Mexico with international quality.

As part of keeping Mexican tradition alive, they travel to communities and engage with people’s stories - exhibiting some of them on their website. In order to support Mexican artists, they help small businesses grow by offering their fair facilities for production.

Their commitment lies with Mexican families and communities, meaning their factory is based on dignified and just work for those producing the socks. The socks are created with sustainable materials, proving that design and larger production scales are not an excuse to create clothing that is not friendly to the environment.


Shokuni is a brand of handmade, artisan products created from recycled materials.

The products, mostly bags and baskets, are made in Oaxaca, one of the poorest states in Mexico (with approximately 70,000 artisans living there). Shokuni looks to both pay fair wages and bring their work to international attention without exploiting the designs or the designers.

Furthermore, all the bags and products are created with recycled materials, either straw or toquilla, a highly resistant material.