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Someone somewhere women's combi on white background
Closeup of handmade combi pattern on white t-shirt

Women's Combi T-shirt

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Art on a shirt.

Someone Somewhere's Combi t-shirts are designed in collaboration with Lourdes Villagómez, a Mexican painter who was inspired to create these graphic designs by the brand's mission. 

The images are printed on the shirt, and the craftsmanship is done on it with the help of the technique of fraying, which consists of using a guiding cloth to obtain the figure, and then undoing this guide so that only the craft design remains. The material of the shirt is 100% cotton, as is the thread used in the prints. 

Every t-shirt features "Someone" - the name of the artisan, and "Somewhere" - the place of manufacture, on a label inside the garment.

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